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I've had the privilege of hunting birds and shooting sporting clays in many parts of the world, and I can tell you that Maui Sporting Clays is one of my very favorite places to shoot. Not only is the Hawaiian scenery spectacular, but the course is laid out on the inside perimeter of an extinct volcanic crater. Each stand has been carefully placed by Dave Barnes to give shooters challenging and fun targets. But that's not the best part. As an internationally recognized shotgun shooting instructor, Dave offers even experienced shooters valuable shooting techniques that will improve their scores on any sporting clays course. So, when you're on Maui, call Dave and arrange to shoot a round or two. He has fine shotguns available, so you don't need to bring yours. Oh, there's one more thing you should know.Dave is a great guy! Have fun, and Aloha!

Dez Young
Hunting With Hank
Dash in the Uplands

Dez Young's Wingshooter's Journal

Thanks for showing me such a terrific time, at what must be one of the most spectacular shooting ranges around. The location of Maui Sporting Clays is stunning to say the least.
Even an old hand like me, with a couple of world helice titles under my belt, often run into periods when the wheels fall off. It was just one of these times that I visited Maui Sporting Clays! Your calm, relaxed manner and the light hearted approach to solving problems with my shooting worked wonders. Within two or three weeks of returning home, and putting into practice your suggestions, my scores are back on track with a place secured in the British Team.
- Howard Batt (British Team), Kent, UK

I shot in a tournament this past weekend at a club near Chicago and ended up as high gun. I received 2 punches for my victory. These were the 5th and 6th punches I've earned in the past month. Its the beginning of the registered shoot season in Illinois and my success is directly related to working with you in December. I now am in Master class. When we first met I was a weak C class shooter and since our first visit to Maui Sporting Clays I have steadily improved. I view my ranking as a master class shooter as a goal met and as a future challenge. I know to compete at the highest level requires me to continuously improve. I want to thank you for all the knowledge you have given me. I have enjoyed shooting much more these past several years thanks to you.
We can't wait to visit in December!
- Mark, Illinois, USA

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